Lennox School District 41-4
Serving the Communities of Chancellor, Lennox and Worthing, South Dakota


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Darin Eich
Lennox Elementary
305 West Fifth Avenue
PO Box 38
Lennox, SD 57039
Office 605-647-2203 ext. 4302
Fax 605-647-6043

Lennox Elementary
LWC Intermediate

Lennox Vision:

Lennox Elementary/LWC Intermediate strives to provide skills needed to challenge students to be more successful in the areas of Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Lennox Elementary/LWC Intermediate will provide lessons to help students to be safe, responsible, and respectful at home, at school, and in their community. Lennox Elementary/LWC Intermediate will provide opportunities for students to make real world connections to what is being learned in the classroom.

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Contact Us

Superintendent: 605-647-2203 ext. 4203

Business Manager: 605-647-2203 ext. 4202

Lennox Elementary/LWC Intermediate Principal: 605-647-2203 ext. 4302

Worthing Elementary Principal: 605-372-4114

Lennox Jr. and Sr. High Principal: 605-647-2203 ext. 5003

Special Services Director: 605-647-2203 ext. 4204

Contact the District
Fax 605-647-2201

District Info

​Lennox School District 41-4
305 West Fifth Ave.
PO Box 38
Lennox, SD 57039 

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