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Occupational and Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT) and Physical Therapy (PT) are related services provided at the school based on qualifying information obtained through evaluations.  If your child qualifies for services, goals are developed and related to the child’s classroom needs and documented in the Individual Education Plan (IEP). https://doe.sd.gov/oess/documents/SPED_RelatedServiceGuidelines.pdf

Occupational Therapy (Fine Motor)

The Art of Living

Occupational Therapists work with a variety of students in order to promote and increase their ability to engage in functional activities in school, at home, and in the community. Occupational Therapists focus on academic and non-academic skills including hand writing, physical, cognitive, social, self-care, sensory needs, prevocational/vocational participation, and more.


Physical Therapy (Gross Motor)

The Art of Movement

Physical Therapists work with students with all levels of ability to assist in developing, restoring and improving mobility which will improve his or hers quality of life. Physical therapy also promotes activity and participation, increasing functional independence, improving strength and endurance, seating and positioning, assistive devices training, facilitating motor development and mobility, and easing the challenges of daily caregiving.


Julie Wooters-Occupational Therapy
Lennox Elementary

Tracee Ellwein- Physical Therapy
Lennox Elementary

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