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District Transportation


Bus Garage 605-929-2585

Bus Garage Office 605-647-2203 Ext. 4043

*If your child is not riding the bus,
please call 605-647-2203 Ext. 4043

*After 6:30 am please call 605-647-2203


The bus routes for the Lennox District will be the same as last year. The only changes on the routes will be the students that have moved into or out of the district.

The drivers will notify you in August of any changes in pick up and drop off times. We ask that you have your students at the pick up point 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. The bus will only wait 1 minute before it will continue on its route. This is a must in order to keep our routes on schedule.

Help Wanted

The Lennox School District is always looking for substitute bus drivers for the school year. If you are interested in this position please contact Russ Nelson at 929-2585 or you may stop at the business office and complete an application.

Inclement Weather

When secondary roads become impassable due to snow, ice or mud, the pickup points for students will be on paved roads only. The buses will wait 10 minutes at each stop. If you are on the major highway route the bus will pick up your child. Remember: It is the parent’s decision to send their children to school if the weather creates a health and/or safety issue. If you choose not to send you child(ren) to school due to inclement weather you must call your child(rens)’s attendance center to inform them of your decision. It will be recorded as an excused absence. The student is responsible for completing all homework and other assignments.

Director of Transportation

Russ Nelson
District Bus Garage
208 West 5th Ave.
PO Box 38
Lennox, SD 57039
Bus Garage 929-2585
Office 605-647-2203 Ext. 4043


Contact Us

Superintendent: 605-647-2203 ext. 4203

Business Manager: 605-647-2203 ext. 4202

Lennox Elementary/LWC Intermediate Principal: 605-647-2203 ext. 4302

Worthing Elementary Principal: 605-372-4114

Lennox Jr. and Sr. High Principal: 605-647-2203 ext. 5003

Special Services Director: 605-647-2203 ext. 4204

Contact the District
Fax 605-647-2201

District Info

​Lennox School District 41-4
305 West Fifth Ave.
PO Box 38
Lennox, SD 57039 

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