ennox School Counselors
Who are School Counselors

School counselors are credentialed professionals with a master’s degree or higher and are certified and/or licensed by the state in which they work. A school counselor has a unique mental health perspective and understands and responds to the diverse challenges of our ever changing world. Professional school counselors are uniquely qualified to address the developmental needs of all students. They possess the qualifications and skills necessary to advocate and care for student’s academic, personal, social, emotional and career development needs. Counselors consult and collaborate with teachers, administrators and families to help all young people succeed.

What Services do Counselors provide
  • professional, personal and emotional individual mental health counseling to all students who request or are referred for services
  • short term crisis counseling to resolve a variety of emotional/personal issues
  • small group counseling for students if a need is determined by the counselor
  • developmental guidance classroom activities
  • behavior management services to students and families
  • academic guidance and support services
  • career awareness, exploration and planning services
  • school crisis intervention and response services
  • collaboration and coordination of community agency services to assist students and their families
  • coordination and interpretation of standardized testing assessments for students, parents and teachers
  • collaboration with parents, teachers and community service providers to assist students in reaching their full academic potential