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Lennox School District #41-4 serves students from the communities of Lennox, Chancellor, and Worthing. The District is located in Lincoln, Minnehaha, and Turner counties. The district Administration Office is located in Lennox along with Lennox High School, LWC Junior High School, LWC Intermediate School and Lennox Elementary. One other PK-4 elementary school is located in Worthing. Lennox is 17 miles southwest of Sioux Falls. Chancellor is approximately 6 miles northwest of Lennox and Worthing is 7 miles southeast of Lennox.

The Lennox School District 41-4 is a school system in which the school, parents, and community work collaboratively to form a strong support mechanism which is accountable for educational achievement. We are AdvancEd accredited K-12. This keeps us consistent in our goals to teach students to the best of our ability. Additionally, the District has new modern facilities that will meet the district’s needs for many years.


1,141 Students
1 High School (9-12)
1 Junior High (7-8)
1 Intermediate School (5-6)
2 Elementary Schools (PK-4)
79 Certified Staff
78 Classified Staff
7 Administrators
6 Directors

      Average years of teaching experience:
    Average ACT:
    Graduation Rate:
    General Fund Budget
    District Assessed Value
    Population of Lennox
    Population of Chancellor
    Population of Worthing