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Parents or guardians wishing to provide alternative instruction pursuant to SDCL 13-27-3 are required to file a notification for Public School Exemption Certificate annually. The notification to be used can be found by clicking on the link in the left hand margin. The completed notification must be filed with the superintendent of schools in the district business office located at 305 W. 5th Ave., Lennox SD 57039.


The South Dakota Department of Education provides a standardized test free of charge for home school students in grades 4, 8 and 11. Each year in January the Lennox School District testing coordinator, Dr. Kym Johnston, will notify all home school settings within the district about testing requirements. The parent/guardian must pick up the test from the district if they choose to use the SAT10 (provided by the district). The SAT10 testing window is from March 25-April 19, 2019. Home School families who provide their own tests do not need to test within this window, however, they should submit results to the district the following year.

Parent Responsibilities

  • Required to declare exemption for students up to age 18 (compulsory attendance requirement) SDCL 13-27-1
  • Return the completed Public Exemption Certificate to the district superintendent SDCL 13-27-2
  • May not instruct more than 22 students SDCL 13-27-3
  • No requirement to be certified SDCL 13-27-3
  • Must test in grades, 4, 8 and 11 SDCL 13-27-3

-Test may be monitored by local school district

-A norm-referenced paper/pencil test for math and reading will be

provided by the Department of Education at no cost to the parent

-If another test is chosen, it is at the expense of the home school,

and must be a nationally standardized achievement test of basic


- Test results will be sent to the local school district. *SD DOE will

not allow tests to be mailed out of state/out of country to a

home school family

School District Responsibilities

  • Review and file the exemption form SDCL 13-27-7

- Must be done yearly

- Copies of the form must be mailed to the Department of

Education at no cost to the parent

- Track home school students in the Student Information

System (SIMS)

- Keep test score records SDCL 13-27-7

  • Make sure enough materials are on hand to accommodate all students in grades 4, 8 and 11 who are being home schooled
  • Contact parents with information on testing window and when materials will be distributed
  • When results come back to the district, distribute to home school parents and keep a copy on file with other public school exemption resources
  • If students show less than satisfactory academic progress, the school board may refuse to renew the child's certificate of excuse.
  • Loan textbooks without charge to all persons age five to nineteen SDCL 13-34-3

Department of Education Responsibilities

  • Provide exemption notification form and keep it on file
  • SDCL 13-27-7
  • May investigate and determine whether instruction is being provided SDCL 13-27-3

-May inspect records of an alternative education program if

probable cause exists that the program may not be in compliance

-Records are limited to attendance and academic progress evidence

SD Department of Education contact: Carol Uecker 605-773-3426