The Student Assistance Team provides the Lennox School District with a systematic referral system to advocate for students and their families in order to receive help to overcome barriers that interfere with learning.

The SAT consists of a variety of school personnel grades JK-6th. The priority of SAT is to help provide targeted intervention strategies to teachers for struggling students that maximize student learning. SAT incorporates interventions and accommodations for students who may have academic, behavioral, emotional or social difficulties in the general classroom setting. Behavior concerns may be referred to the Behavior Support Team to determine if a behavior plan needs to be developed.

Referrals may come from parents or teachers. The referrals are confidentially documented and recorded in the student’s cumulative folder after the SAT meets and creates a plan. Interventions that are provided by SAT require six-eight weeks of fidelity to determine if concerns continue to exist. If interventions are ineffective, SAT will determine if a referral for special education services is necessary.

Please turn in the referral form electronically to Patrick Purdy (Patrick.Purdy@k12.sd.us). Thank you!