Sunshine Preschool

About Sunshine Preschool

Sunshine preschool is a great way to start your child’s education path.

Age: 3 years old and must be potty trained

Part-time: Your choice of Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs

Full-time: Monday-Thursday

Transportation for preschool can be coordinated with Gene Valentine.

$20.00 Annual Family Registration Fee
Part-time $85.00 a month
Full-time: $145.00 a month.
Payments are due by the 7th of each month

Learning skills:

  • Recognition of both uppercase and lowercase alphabet letters
  • Recognition of numbers 0-25
  • Writing first name
  • Rhyming, patterns, shapes, colors, comparing more/less,
  • Learn to sound out and write simple words, and begin to read simple books

Students also learn to sit quietly on the carpet, line up and walk in the hallways, zip their coats, share toys and clean up their centers.

We have a Christmas program and Graduation program including all students.

We have a daily snack; students bring snacks to share with their class.

If you are interested in getting your child enrolled in either Lennox or Worthing Preschool please contact Sheryl Ledeboer via email or phone. Email at Sheryl.ledeboer@k12.sd.us and phone number is 605-212-6261.