Students in Mrs. Bauder’s first grade class are working on surveys. Each group in the class decided on a unique question to ask the class.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
survey 2
In physics, students are studying balanced forces and creating force diagrams. They have been applying Newton's laws of motion in a variety of situations to account for the motions/observations we make of our system.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
newton force
The Modern U.S. History Class watched, analyzed, and discussed the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl by viewing the 1940 Academy Award winning film "The Grapes of Wrath".
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
The Junior High PLTW (Project Lead the Way - The Magic of Electrons) class was creating an electromagnet (Morse Code Machine) and sending messages.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
Project 1
Project 2
In technology class, 2nd graders in the district are learning how to research animals and write basic citations.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
After learning about the Renaissance this week, World History students had the opportunity to lay on their backs and create art just as Michelangelo had when he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel!
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
angelo 1
angelo 2
angelo 2
In advanced physics, students are studying light and 2-dimensional wave phenomenon, specifically reflection and refraction. They have investigated and modeled light using ripple tanks, wave front motion maps, and ray diagrams.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
Light 1
Light 2
Light 3
Light 4
Mrs. Havrevold's 6th grade science classes researched, created, and presented on nonrenewable and renewable energy sources. They presented pros and cons on their assigned energy source. Attached is a picture of students presenting on hydropower.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
6th hydro
LHS Chemistry students were measuring calories (chemical potential energy) in different foods.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
chem 1
chem 2
The Worthing first graders are working hard every day to make sure they have fun at recess! Building snowmen and visiting their school pet (because you earned a reward) are two awesome ways to have fun at recess!
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
In Government students are learning about the role of the president. Today in class, however, they are looking at parts of Kristi Noem's State of the State Address last week and discussing some of the issues she brought up in her speech!
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
state cap
6th grade science students have been studying electricity and are now researching renewable and nonrenewable sources of energy that produce electricity.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
Last week, Mrs. McVey's Third Grade Class enjoyed learning about money during our first Junior Achievement lesson taught by JA volunteer, Audrea Buller. The JA lesson included learning how to play a new math game. Math Centers were also introduced!
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
mcvey math
mcvey math 2
mcvey math 3
Advanced Physics was measuring waves passing through different mediums (water and glass) comparing the effects on wavelength.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
adv physics
The Lennox One Act Cast is putting the finishing touches on their play, “Law and Order: Fairy Tale Unit” with a week to go to competition. Competition is January 25 in Canton with a public performance in Lennox on January 31 at 7pm.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
one act
one acts 2
one acts 3
Students in Mr. Hale's 6th grade math class are measuring and making blueprints. Students are also doing a remodel project.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
6th math
6th math 2
Nora Soukup is Mrs. Henry's VIP. Nora goes above and beyond the expectations. She gets to sit at the VIP desk all week.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
nora vip
After 4 months, we are back in the AG and Building Construction classrooms!
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
ag room
constr. room
Senior Math class was making human demonstrations of their favorite math functions (y = mX + b).
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway
sr. math
Students in Mrs. Strasser class were surprised to find an igloo in their classroom. They enjoy using the igloo for reading activities.
over 1 year ago, Dr. Conaway