Mr. Hinker and Mrs. Shade’s math class, along with Mrs. Terpstra and Conner Eich hosted a Thanksgiving meal for friends and family.
4 days ago, Dr. Conaway
HS dinner
HS dinner 2
HS dinner 3
HS dinner 4
Sandy Richter of the Sioux Falls Outdoor Campus, visited the JK classroom to talk about turkeys. They learned about all the different things turkeys like to eat, where they live, and lots of interesting facts about turkeys! Sandy also read a book about turkeys and they did a turkey art project. Pictured is Liam Conaway who was chosen to dress up like a turkey!
5 days ago, Dr. Conaway
jk turkey 1
jk turkey 2
jk turkey 3
The 5th graders took apart old computers to investigate the parts and pieces that make computers work.
5 days ago, Dr. Conaway
5th comp
5th comp 2
Cross Country Awards Night: Team Award winners include: Boys Team MVP: Sam Swanson. Girls Team MVP: Kelsey Schmidt. Boys Black Pack Award: Noah Sayler and Cloy McVey. Girls Black Pack Award: Emily Plucker. Boys Most Improved: Lucas Hartman and Maverick Horst. Girls Most Improved: Josephine Plucker and Karlie Bosma. Academic All-State: Emily Plucker. Dakota XII All-Conference 1st Team: Sam Swanson and Kelsey Schmidt. Dakota XII All-Conference 2nd Team: Noah Sayler, Maverick Horst, and Emily Plucker. Congratulations to the award winners!
5 days ago, Dr. Conaway
CC 1
cc 2
cc 3
cc 4
LWC Intermediate students held their annual food drive the last few weeks and did a great job! All food will be donated to The Exchange.
9 days ago, Darin Eich
Food Drive
Food Drive
Food Drive
Food Drive
Mr. Hinker and Mrs. Shade’s Life Skills Math class, along with Mrs. Tersptra, took a field trip to Scheels on Wednesday. We received a tour from the store manager, ate lunch at the cafe, and rode the Farris wheel! They were able to practice many life skills at the store!
16 days ago, Dr. Conaway
math life skills
Mrs. Lund's class also learned about character traits. Students chose their favorite character from their favorite book and designed a pumpkin resembling them.
16 days ago, Dr. Conaway
lund 1
lund 2
Mrs. Hardie's students are learning to analyze characters in a story. They chose their favorite character from a book they read to make a character pumpkin. Students described their character using character traits and gave evidence to support those character traits.
16 days ago, Dr. Conaway
Hardie 1
hardie 3
hardi 3
hardie 4
Festival of Bands: Check out the raffle items on the Lennox Bands Facebook page
19 days ago, Dr. Conaway
Mr. Hinker and Mrs. Shade's math class, along with a high school mentor, came to the JK classroom during their math lesson and helped them play single digit math bingo. They also made them a color-sorting candy corn art project.
19 days ago, Dr. Conaway
JK math
jk math 2
jk math 3
jk math bingo 4
In Ms. Vetter's 3rd grade class we are working on Math: Division and multiplication, Science: Weather patterns, Social Studies: Communities around the world, Writing: Informational stories, Reading: Reader's theater, and Spelling: Past tense words.
25 days ago, Dr. Conaway
Scoutie of the Week- Jaxson Bittner Jaxson had an excellent week of practice. He ran very hard from the running back position and didn't quit giving his best effort this week. Jaxson has improved throughout the year! Great job Jaxson!
25 days ago, Dr. Conaway
Austin Butha and others from the Augustana Archeology Dept. spoke to the 6th grade class about what an archeologist does. Students tried to put together a human skeleton, practiced using an atlatl, and tried to guess what a group of ancient artifacts might be.
25 days ago, Dr. Conaway
arch 1
arch 3
arc 2
arch 4
These members of the LHS art class also displayed their remarkable art work at the "Off the Fridge" Art Show at the Washington Pavilion: Krimzon Summers "Picasso's Self-Portrait" , Cailey Highum "Friendly Fennic Fox", and Cailey Highum "Lazy Days on the Lake".
about 1 month ago, Dr. Conaway
Cailey 1
cailey 2
Members of the Lennox HS art class participated in the "Off the Fridge" Art Show at the Washington Pavilion. Their art work is impressive: Lacey Beens "Bentley", Dominic DeBoer "Orange", Noah Welch "Thoughts of Travel", and Noah Welch "Monsters".
about 1 month ago, Dr. Conaway
noah 1
noah 2
Scoutie of the Week: Mason Reischl He was physical in all phases of practice, and hustled all over the field. He also polished a lot of technical aspects of his game and it's showing in his ability to do his job and make plays when they are his to make. Congratulations Mason!
about 1 month ago, Dr. Conaway
Screen printing in Art Club.
about 1 month ago, Dr. Conaway
print screen 1
print screen 2
print screen 3
Scoutie of the Week: Talen Eich "Talen did a great job last week of giving us the best look possible. He consistently pushed the varsity and made them better. Talen has improved a lot throughout the year. Excellent work Talen!"
about 1 month ago, Dr. Conaway
Our Junior High students are learning how to cook in FACS!! 7th grade’s first cooking lab!!! One pan taco dinner!
about 1 month ago, Dr. Conaway
taco dinner
Congrats to Cece Weier for her 7th place finish in Varsity drama at the Brandon Valley Oral Interp tournament last Saturday!
about 1 month ago, Dr. Conaway