On Wednesday, Mr. Hinker and Mrs. Shade's math class invited the junior kindergarten students to the park for an end of the year fun activity! They played at the park and were treated to some cookies and juice. JK students have really enjoyed their time with their HS friends!
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
park 1
park 2
park 3
park 5
5th grade students did a fantastic job presenting their science fair projects to family and friends.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
s fair
s fair
s fair 3
s fair 4
The third grade classes did a great job learning about and presenting information on famous people during their wax museum.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
wax 2
wax 3
wax 4
Sunshine PK students tie-dyed t-shirts.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
dye 1
dye 2
dye 3
dye 4
For May the 4th and Revenge of the 5th, the HS/JH library set up a display. Students could answer trivia questions over Star Wars to win a treat and a Star Wars button.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
Star Wars
Two seventh grade students are being recognized for art they created that serve as public service announcements about cybersecurity. A spokesperson for the Center for Internet Security, said Teagan placed ninth for her drawing, and Karlie placed 11th for her drawing.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
Teagan art
Karlie art
NHS Service Projects were on display prior to the Academic awards and scholarship awards on May 2.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
NHS display
NHS display 2
NHS display 3
In American Lit today students are having discussions about The Crucible speed dating style.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
crucible 2
Is it a solid? Is it a liquid? 6th grade science students explored the states of matter and non-Newtonian fluids by creating Oobleck!
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
liquid 2
liquid 3
Ms. Muhs' Character on Track medal winners: Emily Reiser and Holden Thelin.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
character on track muhs
Sandy Richter from the Outdoor Campus visited the JK class. She talked about worms and soil. Unfortunately her worm friends weren't ready to come to the classroom, so they measured and dissected gummy worms and planted seeds in soil to see how they will grow.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
jk worms
jk worms 2
jk worms  3
jk worms 4
Students in Mr. Hale’s 6th grade math class created a mini golf hole. They were to create a model to scale and determine area and perimeter before testing them out. Students then calculated what par was after classmates played the hole.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
mini golf
mini golf 2
mini golf 3
This week Government students are learning the importance of civic engagement! They are learning how to register to vote by filling out voter registration forms. When they turn eighteen, they will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to register to vote!
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
The 3rd and 4th grade concert was fantastic! Lots of talent in both grade levels. Well done.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
el 2
el 3
In recognition of Earth Day, POET and members of FFA planted two trees at the Jr. High/High School. Thank you POET for the donation!
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
poet ed
poet ed 2
6th grade science students have been working on researching a topic of interest and are starting to create their presentations.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
genius 2
genius 3
Students in 6th grade self-taught a skill to another student last week. Students are learning about themselves and others through the Sanford Harmony program in Health.
5 months ago, Dr. Conaway
self taught
self taught 2
In JH PE class, students had to design a putt-putt challenge based on equipment given to them.
6 months ago, Dr. Conaway
jh pe
jh pe 2
jh pe 3
Mr. Hinker and Mrs. Shade's math class visited junior kindergarten yesterday and planned an Easter egg hunt- due to the windy conditions they had to have the egg hunt inside - but they enjoyed themselves!
6 months ago, Dr. Conaway
jk egg
jk egg 2
jk egg 3
jk egg 4
Today we are doing our first Senior Retreat Day! This is a great way to celebrate our Seniors’ accomplishments thus far and help them prepare for the next steps in their lives. This should be a memorable day for our Seniors!!
6 months ago, Dr. Conaway
sr. retreat