Worthing Elementary's first annual pool party! Thank you PTT for organizing this event!
2 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Pool Party!
Before swimming fun at the park!
This is a great pool!
Thanks PTT!
Color Run 2022 - Great way to celebrate the end of an amazing year!
4 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Pre-run stretching.
We had an extra special guest visit today at school...
5 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Baby Waldner as 3rd grade's special guest!
Worthing Elementary students had a great time at the Washington Pavilion. It was great to see the POET hands on exhibit in the Kirby Science Center!
6 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Students at the POET exhibit.
Worthing 1st grade is learning the Spanish language. Thank you goes out to Melinda, Ethan's mom, for teaching our students a second language! Research has shown that knowing a second language enriches our brains!
6 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
1st Grade's Spanish lesson.
1st Grade's Spanish lesson.
Dr. Conaway was our guest reader in Library today!
6 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Guest reader
Dr. Conaway and 3rd Grade
Shout out to Worthing Elementary at the Sioux Falls Skyforce Game!
6 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Whoa Baby!! Worthing Elementary has baby fever! 40% of our teaching staff has already or will be shortly, welcoming new babies into their families. Exciting times here in Worthing!!
6 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
New Moms!
Thank you to Sioux Falls Skyforce players Sam #25 and Martin #50 for delivering free tickets to our 4th graders to attend the Skyforce game! Shout out to Direct Companies for supporting this opportunity!
7 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Sioux Falls Skyforce players visit the 4th grade.
Worthing Elementary students on their new rockwall during PE class.
11 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
4th grade "rock"star climbers
Worthing Elementary was lucky to have Mrs. Smit's mom come in to help the 2nd graders decorate pumpkins! Thank you, Mary!
12 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Pumpkin decorating.
The Smokehouse made it's appearance at Worthing Elementary School today. Thank you to the Worthing Fire Department for organizing this event and teaching our students about fire safety!
12 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Worthing Fire Department Annual Smokehouse event
Look at this surprise in the Kindergarten class today! Mrs. Keyman's mom was the guest reader!!
12 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Kindergarten's Mom-Daughter duo at work!
Thank you for reading to our Worthing students!
Congratulations to Mrs. Waldner for being awarded the Architecture Incorporated Grant!
12 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Thank you, Architecture Inc!
More Harvest Festival photos!
12 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Leaf Hunt and Drawings
Tomato power!
Planting Fall Crops
We had a successful 1st Annual Harvest Festival! A special shout out goes to Mrs. Raehsler for creating and organizing this event. Thank you, also, to Ground Works-Midwest for your support and for the volunteers that lead our student groups! The kids loved it!
12 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Magic Corn
Pepper Cutting
Tomato Powered Light - well kind of...
Bean Craft and Story
More classes with their pumpkins! #Pumpkins4College
12 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
PUMPKINS! Thankful for #pumpkins4college and their donation of pumpkins for every Worthing Elementary student!
12 months ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
#Pumpkins4 College
#Pumpkins4 College
#Pumpkins4 College
Characters on Track from our high school visit Worthing Elementary. Thank you for being great role models for our students!
about 1 year ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
Worthing Elementary students learning how to show good character.
Alicia Ruud
Carter Van Houten
Jacob Stubbe
3rd grade enjoying some fun glow in the dark spelling to celebrate the end of a busy week!
about 1 year ago, Kim Poppenga-Smith
3rd Grade
Spelling test
Glow in the dark